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EZ-Bag Siding Bag

The EZ-Bag Siding Bag is a simple and effective waste solution for siding repair and demolition. The bag is a long rectangular bag suited for long vinyl panels or wood planks. We understand that a full bin can sometimes be too much container for a project so we developed the EZ-Bag, a product better suited for those projects.

The EZ-Bag siding system is an affordable alternative to big bin rentals and brings some unique advantages to your project.

Dimensions - 148" L X 37" W X 37" H.

Professional Appearance

Piling siding on the driveway or lawn looks horrible and reflects poorly on the company involved. Having a clean waste bag projects a professional, waste conscious image.

Corporate Branding

Have confidence in your project scheduling? Quantity orders can qualify for custom logos and information on the bag. Imagine the look on the competition when your logo is plastered all over a neighborhood.


The bags themselves are very affordable and available through our main office. The pickup is an additional cost and that amount varies based on our zone map.